Crossing Our Borders: The Legacy of Dictatorship in Latin America

The award-winning documentary Crossing Our Borders, narrated by Hollywood actress Maria Conchita Alonso, explores the legacy of dictatorship in Latin America and the Bolivarian Revolution of the 21st Century, which have led millions of Latin Americans to flee their countries. Crossing Our Borders was produced and directed by Venezuelan native, published author, an award-winning independent filmmaker of social and political documentaries, Gladys Bensimon. The film focuses on Hugo Chavez of Venezuela by exploring his 1992 coup d’état’ attempt, his subsequent rise to the presidency in 1998, and his attempt to stay in power indefinitely.


The results of his regime are devastating:

• More than 19,900 people died in 2009 by the hands of common criminals

• Kidnapping in the country has increased by more than 400%

• $110 billion have been pilfered out of the country by the Chavez government to support his ‘Bolivarian Revolution’

• In 2000, there were only 125,000 Venezuelans in the USA.


Today there are more than 750,000 and the number is growing CROSSING OUR BORDERS also analyzes Fidel Castro’s socialist revolution which produced a massive exodus of Cubans from the island. Thousands of middle-class Chileans and Argentineans also fled to democratic countries to escape the military dictatorships of Augusto Pinochet in Chile, and Jorge Videla and Leopoldo Galtieri in Argentina. The film further delves into the characteristics of the process and mechanisms utilized by some dictators to become autocrats for extended periods of time.. In Peru, Alberto Fujimori remained in power for ten years while Hugo Chavez has been in power for 12 years in Venezuela.


Listen to Director Bensimon talk more about this here in an interview.

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